CCNA Lab back up and running

Async Cables

Serial cables

Front of Rack

Rear view of rack

Setting up my CCNA Lab routers this evening. Have everything mounted in the rack and cabled together. At the core of the set up, I have a 3620 with an async card in it that gives me terminal/console access to everything in the rack without having to swap the console cables around. I just telnet to a specific port off the 3620 to access a particular device.

For example, when I want to connect to the router connected to Async line 6, I just connect with: “telnet c3620 6006”

Here are some shots of my current set up.

First shot is a close up of the octo-cables coming out of the Cisco 3620. Each line goes to a serial interface on other equipment in the rack. Right now, I’m using 10 serial lines. The interface here supports up to 32 serial lines — so I’ve got a bit of room for growth.

The next shot is the inter connecting serial DTE/DCE cables between each Cisco 2600 router. The router with four serial interfaces is connected to four separate 2600’s — one, two, three, and four. One and Two are further connected to each other, as are three and four in this particular set up.

Finally, here are two shots, one of the front of the rack and another of the rear of the rack.  Below the routers is a shelf where I have a couple of Linux boxes that I use as nodes on the networks for testing connectivity between different router setups/configurations.