WP-iTunes MODS

[note: this is an old article I pulled from my archives. It is one of the top referral hits from other sites — so I’m bringing it back.]

Hmmm… somehow my replies to a post on the WordPress Support site for this post about getting wp-iTunes to work with Recent Tunes on a Mac disappeared into the ether… anyway… here are my notes:

#1. December 6, 2004, 17:29
I had a problem with submissions with an apostrophe (’) getting ignored. (”Destiny’s Child” song “Jumpin,’ Jumpin’” on their album “The Writing’s On the Wall” is a good example…)
Near line 65 of wp-itunes.php, adding the PHP addslashes command, as below, will fix the problem with those songs.

$track = addslashes($_GET[”track”]);
$artist = addslashes($_GET[”artist”]);
$album = addslashes($_GET[”album”]);
$genre = addslashes($_GET[”genre”]);

Now, I’m not using the Amazon lookup, so that worked for me… you may want to change the Amazon lookup around line 71 to be:

$image = get_amazon_image($_GET[”artist”], $_GET[”album”]);

Which should work.

#2 December 7, 2004, 20:34
The :@ at the start of the URL are if you want to password protect the URL submission with an .htaccess file, for example. If you enter in a username and password in the ‘Recent iTunes’ Upload configuration, you’ll see them in the URL as they are posted.

http://username:password@myblog ….

I got it to work with just the ‘index.php’ URL on the upload page, and all the parameters placed in the ‘templates’ page with ‘Get Args’ selected.

Here is what I have set in my Recent iTunes preferences:

My upload URL (note, no ‘http://’ which was counterintuitive):
My ‘Get Args’ templates (passsword changed, of course)
Recent iTunes outputs the URL sent to the Apple Console, which helps with troubleshooting. (Console is in the Applications:Utilities folder on your Mac)

Hope this helps.